MUSI-CAL gave me a creatively rich and extremely supportive space to perform my original music and generated great feedback that did wonders for my writing process and really bolstered my confidence. 

-ZACK SPOUND (composer-writer Leap)

How often do theater-goers have the opportunity to see and react to works-in-progress by emerging composers and writers? The Foundation’s consistently popular MUSI-CAL is a new form of engagement for a contemporary audience.

It’s where creators of all-original musicals receive encouragement, expert advice, promotion, and public showcase of their work in the cabaret setting at Rockwell Table & Stage.

Here people in the industry greet friends and meet new talents. When original host JONAH PLATT left for New York for a lead role in Wicked, actor-composer-lyricist BRETT RYBACK enthusiastically stepped right in to host this exciting evening every other month.

In a few short years, MUSI-CAL has featured more than 100 musicals-in-progress. Two of the works presented were produced Off Broadway in 2020; Darling Grenadine by Daniel Zaitchik and Emojiland by Keith and Laura Harrison.

Since it started MUSI-CAL has featured nearly 100 musicals-in-progress.

It also generates much-needed income for The Foundation’s educational initiatives. During the time of Covid and remote learning, the PATHWAY has been asked to serve more schools than ever. Any donation you make would be appreciated.

More about AMELIA: A Musical Tale of Bravery and Mystery…

We caught up with librettist-lyricist Tegan Summer to learn more about the inspiration for his collaboration with co-writer Colette Freeman, and composer, Aaron Fuller. FNAM apologizes to Ms. Freeman for inadvertently omitting her from the e-blast which went out to our community to share this excerpt from their show.

Tegan is delighted to be able to share some of what you will see at the next Musi-Cal. He credits his mother and the other strong women who raised him as fostering his interest in strong, independent, forward-thinking women who paved the way for future generations. He is a history buff who often wonders how these female icons overcame the challenges they faced to become their own people in a male-dominated world. The common theme of bio-musicals he’s written has been “that of strong women coming through adversity.” As a private pilot, Amelia Earhart was a natural subject for him.

Tegan’s love of musicals began when he was a teen sneaking into theaters in London’s West End at intermission. For him, musical theatre is “the most expressive and heightened medium. A single song can be as powerful as five or six scenes.” Song captures “what is behind the smile” of the incredible women he writes about.

Tegan currently has two Broadway-bound musicals. One is about James Dean, who predicated much of his life on a promise he made to his mother; the other is about Nannerl, Maria Anna, Mozart’s older sister and a talented musician in her own right.

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